E2M: Creating Economic Communities


          Western Massachusetts Regional Economic Council

Michael Garjian

Founder and President, E2M.org

As a commercial entrepreneur Michael employed more than 400 individuals and was granted nine worldwide patents for technologies he manufactured and distributed globally. As a social entrepreneur at the Valley CDC in Northampton he helped low to moderate-income entrepreneurs launch more than 60 businesses, access $450,000 in loans, and create more than 100 jobs. He assisted the Anti-Displacement Project, 1450 low-income Western Mass families occupying tenant owned apartment complexes, in using their 40 million dollars of real estate and cash flows to advance their social agenda. He is a consultant to or principal in companies involved in biofuel and biochar production. He served as a board member and past Treasurer of the United Way of Hampshire County as well as serving on the boards of other non-profit companies.

Alan Singer

Franklin County CDC

Alan acts as Director of the Franklin County Community Development Corporation's Loan fund where he oversees a loan portfolio of well over $500,000 in loans to low/moderate income individuals. As a Rutgers MBA working for various international brokerage houses in New York, Alan was responsible for the administration of loan/investment portfolios totaling over $100,000,000. He came to the Pioneer Valley as a social entrepreneur to seek a better environment and engage in more meaningful work.

Tony Taylor

Gasoline Alley Foundation

Tony is the Director of Education and Outreach for the Gasoline Alley Foundation in Springfield, MA. The Foundation's mission is to teach inner city youth and disadvantaged persons to be successful entrepreneurs while revitalizing inner city neighborhoods with a concentration on socially responsible and sustainable business practices. Tony also owns and manages a childcare business in Springfield with his wife. He worked previously as the Director of Economic Development for Nueva Esperanza, a Community Development Corporation in Holyoke, MA, and as the CRA Officer at Fleet Bank.

Jason Garand

New England Regional Council of Carpenters

Jason is the Regional Council Organizer in the Springfield, MA office of the Regional Council of Carpenters. He is also an E2M.org board member.

Dave Bisson

MBA Candidate, Yale School of Management

Dave is a full-time student pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at the Yale School of Management. Between 2008 and 2010, he taught middle school and high school mathematics at New Leadership Charter School in Springfield, MA. He has also worked with Kool Smiles, General Dentistry for Kids; United Way of Hampshire County; and Hampshire Community Action Commission (HCAC). Dave holds a BA in Economics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He is also an E2M.org board member and a member of the E2M Organizing Committee.


In Memoriam

Julie Anne Graham

1945 - 2010

Julie was a Professor of Economic Geography at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Her research and teaching focused on economic alternatives being developed and implemented locally and worldwide. She was also an E2M.org board member.